Frequently asked questions

What is Bring Back the Trades?

Bring Back the Trades is a not for profit organization helping to spread the word about the need for trades people and providing scholarships to deserving students currently enrolled in a trades school.

How can I help?

It's easy to help! Purchase from our store. Donate. Become a Sponsor. Spread the word!

What do you do with the money from the store and donations?

100% of all profits go into funding scholarships for deserving students. That's it.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Applying is easy! Simply write an essay explaining why you deserve the scholarship and either submit it via the form on this site or email your essay to [email protected]

What should the scholarship essay be about?

Very simple, just tell us why you're going into the trade you've chosen and why you could use the money. That's all!

What is the deadline for applying for a scholarship?

For months where scholarships are open we accept scholarships from the 1st of the month until midnight eastern standard time on the last day of the month to qualify.