Meet The Board

Matt Mock

Vice President

Matt Mock, 40, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where he studied      He currently works a Director of IT at Medius Healthcare Solutions.

Shari Turner


Shari, One of Bring Back the Trades founders, supporting her husband Steve. Originally from Norwell, Massachusetts has been a resident of Rye, NH for 25 years, with her husband Steve, her amazing son Riley and cute dog Brady. Graduated from Plymouth University with an Associates Degree in Business and Education and is currently working at Rye Middle School.

Shari is a dedicated blood donor for the American Red Cross and also registered with the national Bone Marrow Donor's Association.

She enjoys living on the Seacoast and utilizing all its amenities as well as reading, watching sports and spending time with family and friends.

"We will continue to work at raising awareness to the dire needs of skilled trades people and individuals will find their passion."

tom fleming.JPG
Thomas Fleming


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Tom Fleming, 55, is a graduate of New Hampshire Vocational Technical College where he studied machining. He currently works as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Harmonic Drive LLC. Tom is a longterm resident of New Hampshire and has been working in the trades for over 35 years. He currently volunteers as a coach for the New Hampshire East Eagles youth hockey team and has also participated in the Portsmouth Challenger Division.


"I have seen the amount of tradesmen start to dwindle over time. Having raised three children and put two of them through four- year-universities and one through trade school I have come across many families that have not considered trade school as a viable option for their child," says Tom. "I would like to change that."

Dante Artioli

Dante, 50, is the Co-owner/operator of Coastal Floor Fashions. After attending Western New England University, he decided to join the U.S. Airforce and dedicated his service as a Flight Medic.

Dante enjoys traveling with his wife and visiting their children.

Dante is a member of the 

Nathan Moss

Nathan, 45, is the co-owner and Master Electrician at Moss Electric LLC located in Greenland NH. He has over twenty years experience and has worked as both a service electrician and maintenance electrician throughout New Hampshire and Maine prior to founding Moss Electric LLC in 2007. He has resided in Portsmouth, NH since 2003 and is currently a volunteer defensive coach for the Portsmouth Junior Clippers football team and a member of the Portsmouth Elks Club. As a high school graduate, he explored traditional college as an option and it was not the right path for him. 


"75% of licensed electricians in New Hampshire are over 55. The trades are a viable option for many but is isn't presented as a lucrative career choice to most. Instead they come out of college with a lot of debt and minimal job prospects. You can make a good living in the trades and kids need to be educated about that."


Moss Electric is a proud supporter of Portsmouth Little League, Portsmouth Youth Football, JDRF and End 68 Hours of Hunger

Christope Cloitre

Christophe, 44 is a graduate of Perdue University with BS in EngineeringScience(EE) and a MS Industrial Engineering.

He enjoys working for Ashland Electric Products.

Christophe volunteers his time with GBM Swimming and participates on Creteau Tech Center Advisory Board and Dover Pool Advisory Board. 

He enjoys spending time with his wife, swimming, running and traveling.

"I am passionate about the trades, particularly manufacturing. The trades are the backbone of a healthy economy. I see too many young people burdened with student debt, not knowing what they want to do. The trades, technical and manufacturing skills are valuable tools to develop and result in rewarding careers without university debt. These vocations teach real world skills and prepare people to contribute and pursue worthwhile careers in a wide array of fields. A lifetime of growth and knowledge can be realized in the trades and technical fields. The trades achieve tangible results and are needed for everyday life, products and modern lifestyles. In my career I have found that creating is the most fulfilling work around."