Steven Turner, Founder


I started this campaign as a small business owner for the past thirty years, in the trade of custom upholstery. It has become increasingly difficult to find and hire skilled individuals due to the shortage of public, private and vocational schools teaching the trades. We are dedicated to promoting and educating the public of the need for skilled trades professionals. To implement our mission, Bring Back the Trades, Inc will collaborate with local educators, community leaders and local trades businesses to change the perception of the trades within the educational system, and we will award scholarships to qualified students living in the United States who are pursuing post-secondary education in a professional trade.
We have designed a line of apparel with our logos depicting numerous trades so we can spread the word of the importance of these crucial jobs. Proceeds from the sales help fund our scholarship program in which individuals can gain access to the trade education of their choice and ultimately gain employment in that trade, which is crucial to the growth of our country.